MNoet, LLC was founded as a boutique research consultancy offering concierge analytical and methodological services to solve common and unique problems facing organizations, businesses, and governments.

If you don't know it, MNoet brings the research mindset to fuel innovation, monitor continuous improvement efforts, and build greater influence for you, your team, and organization.

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The Research Mindset

At MNoet, the research mindset is employed to tackle problems associated with the lack of knowledge. A lack of knowledge often manifests in the form of a question. How you go about answering the question is almost as important as the answer itself. As a concierge of analytical and methodological services, MNoet provides the know-how to assist and guide you in your effort to answer your questions in a scientifically grounded manner.

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Data Driven Decisions

At MNoet, decisions are solutions to problems. They are the rungs of a ladder stretching toward your goal, whether choosing the best message for your next campaign, selecting which market to enter, improving your retention rates, or seeking to build your brand. By employing the research mindset, MNoet provides you the methodological and analytical framework necessary for gathering data, collating information, and synthesizing insight to hone the decision-making process and provide an improved foundation for your decisions.

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Organizational Integration

The proliferation and democratization of data has created a world of opportunity and host of pitfalls. At MNoet, the research mindset guides the extraction of value from data while avoiding the pitfalls often encountered when working with data, such as remembering the unit of analysis and confidence levels.

While the saying goes, "lies, damned lies, and statistics," the scientific process, to be fair, does not create facts, but rather evidence to assist us in making more informed decisions.

By integrating the research mindset in your endeavors, you set off on the path of deliberate inquiry grounded in methodology, which often leads to innovation, refinement, and useful insights.

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Gregg Schoenfeld, Founder & Principal Researcher

Gregg is an skilled leader and researcher with more than two decades of experience delivering insights, data products, methodological and analytical solutions, and exceptional service.

Whether a university, nonprofit organization, government agency, or business, Gregg's experience taught him that the greatest chance for success is to work thoughtfully with engaged partners vested in reaching a well-defined goal.

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods: Designer of research studies increasing customer awareness and conversion, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, refining the design and development of products and experiences, and driving thought leadership programs. Researcher with experience utilizing various methodologies, including observational studies, surveys, focus groups, interviews, data, and document analysis.

Analysis, Visualization, and Data Journalism: Data translator and story teller, from concept and collection to reporting and activity driving organizational thought leadership, metrics programs, and the achievement of bespoke project goals. Producer of insight for disparate audiences and artifact creator, including briefings, dashboards, infographics, social media postings, webinars, reports, and articles.

Innovation, Creativity, and Execution: Conceptualist, programmer, and producer of bespoke data benchmarking systems and dashboards. Designer and programmer of integrated and automated tracking studies, including instrumentation, data ETL, and monitoring dashboards.

Project and Relationship Management: Trusted leader and manager of a portfolio of research solutions delivering best-in-class client satisfaction. Reliable and responsive partner with a passion for delivering results.

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All photography on this website was shot by Gregg Schoenfeld and family, and this website was designed, coded, and written by Gregg Schoenfeld.

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